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League of Legends asking players about Overwatch and Dota

Riot Games has sent surveys to some of their League of Legends users wherein they ask questions regarding their competitors’ games and their role in eSports.

Some League of Legends players are discovering in their email inbox a survey from Riot Games where they are asked about competitive gameplay and other games such as Dota 2, Overwatch or Starcraft.

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More specifically, League of Legends is interested in the players’ opinions of these games and how strongly related these are to eSports. Thus, the survey shows the user several images of two separated circles each in closer proximity till the last image where the circles appear almost overlapping – where one circle represents a game and the other, eSports – and asks the player to choose which symbol best represents every game – if it’s very related or not at all.

The survey asks this about Dota 2, Overwatch, Starcraft, Halo, Counter-Strike and finally, League of Legends.

This survey comes precisely at a time when several media have identified the ever growing title of Blizzard as the main rival for League of Legends in such places like Korea where eSports has an important market.

Furthermore, Riot Games has also taken interest in users’ opinions about professional players such as Faker, xPeke or Mata, among others. Particularly, users can answer if a player is among their favourite ones, if they like him or not or even if the character is unknown to them.

This survey also includes a section on users’ viewing preferences in regards to League of Legends competitions to know players’ habits when it comes to visioning these matches (if they usually watch them, or if they only watch finals…) and if they have any team preference (but they are not asked which one).

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